Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Truth

The tapestry of life is made up of many threads that come together to create something bigger, richer, and more wonderful than any one thread could do. Indeed, it is only by being willing to become part of something bigger than ourselves that we create a masterpiece.

One family, many voices...

Sydney: Let him go!!! That is MY Mr. Wonderful -- not yours!!!!!! Stop it -- you are hurting him -- oh no -- he is asking for directions again! Stop!!!!!!
Cadi: Sydney -- he is not hurt and he is not asking for directions -- he wants me to take the remote control -- listen -- now he wants to cuddle tonight and since he is in my mouth I think that means he is mine!
Mr. Wonderful: Yes Dear.
Mr. Wonderful: I love you.
Mr. Wonderful: You have been on my mind all day -- that's why I bought you these flowers.

Meanwhile, Carlos/Ute broodingly watches from the loft, thinking, "first they steal me from sunny California, stuff me in a bag -- twice -- and transport me to this hellhole -- and then that traitor Galen makes good on his threat to have his associates cut off my balls if I did not hold still for the nail trimming. How was I to know he was so well connected?! What a sick ba$%^&!!"

Karma: Maize, you are my best friend ever -- and I mean it!!!
Maize: Karma -- you say that to all of us!
Karma: But I really mean it to you -- we are truly BFF's. Now, I have to tell you something that is a big secret -- its about Carlos or Ute -- whatever his weirdo name is. He is a sociopath!!!!!!!
Maize: You are being dramatic again -- he is kitten!
Karma: He is evil -- Chippy and I are calling in an Exorcist.
Maize: Chippy?! The one you tried to kill??
Karma: Like you are perfect?! Oh never mind -- you are -- anyway, Chippy and I are scared of him -- he is possessed by the devil!!!

Meanwhile, Mac is oblivious to the news that failure to hold still during nail trimming has unfortunate consequences...

And with Mr. Wonderful safe on the mantle again, Cadi and Sydney argue over a leash.

But Carlos/Ute, possessed by Evil Spirits and angry at the loss of body parts he believed were important and having overheard what Karma said to Maize, pounced on her in the hallway!! Demonic screams were heard and ... well, see for yourself:

Yes, significant pieces of the formerly fluffy Karma were strewn all over -- but Carlos/Ute/Satan, the little California GangBanger, is sporting a big gash where Karma was able to slice him open to release the demons within -- at least, that is her story. His story is that he seriously kicked Karma's ass. Galen's story is that it looks like one of the dogs gutted a stuffed toy and that maybe Carlos/Ute is not quite as innocent as previously thought...

Many stories make the truth.


  1. Ahahahaaha!! Crackin up over here! Funny stuff! Now, make sure that Syd gets her due! I mean, reaaaaaaallly!!?? ;-) I think you should audio tape the cat fights...

  2. Poor Sweet Karma! Perhaps the lack of said body parts will mellow Ute.

  3. Way to go Karma. Ute will learn. . .eventually. Thanks for the smile this morning. :)