Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Frosted Berners and H Litter

Lots of snow fell here while I was gone for the three days, and yesterday we had freezing fog -- that made for some interesting pictures...

Frosted Zoey

Frosted Sydney

Sort of Frosted Halo

More Frosted Zoey

And Mac, Syd and Asia making sure to prune this shrub down to the ground...

Cadi will be bred during her next season, which could be as early as January but timing is better for us if she waits until February -- so we will just say she will be bred in February :) Montana Mac is definitely in contention for the honor of Puppy Daddy but we will not make a final decision until we gather more info on Cadi's first litter (hip/elbow x-rays are being done on them) and etc.

I always let people name their own puppies but I have three H Litter names I want used and so I throw them out now so that people waiting will consider whether they like one and want to claim it:

Kaibab's Haviland Hall: Building on the UC Berkeley campus that housed the School of Social Welfare -- I have three degrees from that School/building, my grandfather was a history professor at Berkeley and etc.

Kaibab's House Rock Valley: Located in northern Arizona near the Kaibab National Forest; Dear Husband's family had a ranch there and it is the valley that one goes through to get to the Vermillion Cliffs, where Kim and I were married (Kay/Sue -- it is the valley where we tracked with Riley and Maize)

Kaibab's Harvest Moon: Maize is Corn Moon so this is in honor of Maize

This H Litter name is kind of special so would only work for some people: Kaibab's Heintzberger or how about Kaibab's Heintzberner??? ;)

We certainly do not want to count our puppies before they are hatched but it is fun to think of names -- I already have my "I" Litter puppy named!

We will be having some of the family here for Christmas -- our first Christmas in Montana. I hope that your holiday plans are ones you are looking forward to -- but if not, just hang in there because it will be over soon. The holidays are not always happy so if you have a heavy heart this season, I send a hug and my support and a reminder that this is a temporary season...

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  1. I definately want Haviland Hall and would use a call name of "Berkeley"!!

    John likes the Heintzberner name.

    Keep us posted..

    Cindy H.