Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Adventure Begins

This morning starts our next (hopefully) Excellent Adventure. I should be frantically packing now but anyone who knows me understands that I tend to do my best work (okay, maybe my only work?!) at the last minute so I rarely panic about time being short. Anyway, at 10 a.m. I will drop Galen off at the University (thanks to Heidi who will be bringing him home) and my Excellent Adventure begins.

I am driving to Salt Lake City today for what Sherri aptly termed a "drive-by date" with my Dear Husband. At 3 a.m. Thursday I have to be back on the road in order to get to Sacramento, California in time to visit one of our kids between his law school classes. From there I will head a short distance to Davis, where I will meet my dad at the dog park so Asia and Zoey can run around for a bit, and then we will go to lunch (dad and me -- not dogs!).

Okay, from there I will head to Pleasanton to practice with Joanne Prellberg (from Arizona) at the draft test site -- we are supposed to meet at 5:30 ; Joanne and I plan to have dinner together after. I suspect I will be ready for bed that night!

Friday it is an early morning at the draft test. As an Open dog, Asia will be in the morning so that will be nice. At some point I will head over to the fairgrounds to get a grooming and crating spot, and I may try to go see my brother and his family but we will see how the day unfolds. I have a dinner date with my aunt at 5:45 so that will be fun.

Saturday -- that is the regional specialty. Cindy (has B and D litter dogs) and her son and daughter-in-law (have a Glitterati) are coming to hang out -- I am very excited to see them and they are bringing the wild puppy formerly known as Ireland. I will be showing Zoey in sweeps and bred-by, and Asia will be in Best of Breed.

On Saturday afternoon, Zoey and Asia are having hip and elbow x-rays at the excellent mobile dog show vet. My x-ray options in Montana are limited, and it is pretty important to get accurate films so we are taking advantage of this opportunity to do Asia's two year films and preliminaries on Zoey. Cross your paws for good results!

On Saturday evening I will head back to Davis for a family dinner at my sister's, and then it will be time to start the long drive home -- I plan to be home late on Sunday night.

How is that for an action-packed trip?

Since I am also teaching on-line this week, I will have my laptop and will post pictures and reports. Think good thoughts for a fun (and yes, I know -- exhausting) adventure! And be sure and have some of your own :)


  1. I'm tired already. Sounds GREAT!

    and Djinn

  2. Wow you crazy woman! Drive safely! Watch out for stray cats...Good luck.