Sunday, October 18, 2009


Just a few pictures from the Regional -- thanks to John for taking them!

This is Zoey (and me) with the judge.

This is what the ring scene looked like

One of the Glitterati -- Mika, formerly Ireland, with her mom. Mika looks a lot like Syd and is just as wild and crazy!

This is Asia's littermate, Levi, who lives in California.

And here is Asia getting set up to look pretty :)

We made it home from Reno in 13 hours, which was not bad at all -- and what a pretty drive up through Idaho! Now it is recovery time -- wild weekends take a couple of days of transition time -- and sleep!

Happy Week to you :)


  1. Wow a whirlwind trip! Sounds like you had fun and got to see lots of friends and family. Mika looks like Zaida too-same long tongue too..Val said Cadi really put her face on those puppies :)

  2. Great!!!news about Zoey's prelims.