Saturday, October 24, 2009

Falling into Fall

Welcome to fall! The view from the deck is different but lovely in a new way -- can you see one of the Ed's in the picture?

It has been a busy week since arriving home and so I appreciated today. I stayed home all day, did therapeutic cleaning, walked, trained and groomed dogs, and just enjoyed a break.

We missed a BIG congratulations -- Molly and Fiona (from the D Litter) recently got their Open Standard agility title -- GREAT JOB girls! Molly, age 14, is a wonderful handler and Fiona is lucky to have such a dedicated owner :)

Zoey's preliminary OFA results arrived today -- normal elbows and good hips :) :) And here she is playing her favorite game -- fetch.

Unfortunately I threw the toy in a tree -- and what do you suppose Air Zoey did??

Sigh... Syd prefers to chew sticks -- even when they are still attached to the bush.

Halo thinks she could get a job hunting for truffles.

And here is Asia.

And full baby sister, Zoey.

And here's hoping your week has been a good one, and that next week is even better!

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  1. How in the world do you keep Air Zoey inside a fence?!

    Can we have an update and pictures of Faith?