Sunday, October 11, 2009

Murder Mystery?

The Steves are gone.

We suspected the day was coming but it is still shocking that our ten black and white bovine buddies are no longer part of the picturesque view out of our window. We will miss their dark eyes with their ridiculously long lashes, and the funny way they ran and bucked playfully as they followed us on our drafting practice parades. They were a social group, and when you move to a new place you appreciate all the friends you can get so we are sad they have left, no doubt to be slaughtered :( If I ate beef (which I have not in decades), I wouldn't after being friends with the Steves -- as Galen keeps saying, "Poor Steves..."

In their place we now have the Eds -- three stout horses who just watch us walk by, without any effort to be neighborly -- snobs.


  1. I would prefer to think that your neighbor's are just doing something similar to crop rotation. Livestock rotation!

  2. If you walk down that fence line and give out a few carrots, those horses will be your best friends. :) They are not snobs, just aloof. LOL!