Friday, October 16, 2009

The Excellent Adventure Report

So I left Montana on Wednesday morning. The drive was SO lovely and I seriously was thinking about how much I love Montana and then decided to take a picture of what I was seeing through my windshield -- isn't it wonderful?! And look Marti -- NO TRAFFIC!

I had a great drive-by date with Dear Husband but it did set up yet another sad good-bye BUT it was easier because 1) I was excited to be heading to California, and 2) I left Utah at 2:45 a.m. and Kim was actually at work anyway.

So, I drove across Nevada listening to a GREAT audio book and being very annoyed when people called as it meant I had to stop the book. I made it to Reno in record time and arrived in Sacramento early! I got to visit our law school kid and that was fun, and then I headed to Davis for a dog walk and lunch with my dad and sister at my favorite Davis place -- Dos Coyotes. Here is my sister about to tackle her veggie burrito:

Then it was off to Pleasanton where I arrived in time to do some draft practice at Goose Poop Park -- sigh. After that I checked into Motel 6 and crashed -- we were tired!

So today was the draft test at the aforementioned Goose Poop Park. I stopped at Safeway and bought a box of plastic bags and recruited other draft participants to scoop goose poop in the ring as we had ten minutes to walk the course, and that was actually quite a success, I am happy to report :)

Aside from the geese and their slimy green deposits, it is a nice park for a test. The club had a Halloween theme -- here is a picture of the course:

We had to weave in between these scarecrows:

The freight haul was challenging but fair, with lots of small hills and a lovely view of the lake -- here is Hagrid and his mom passing the novice test:

Asia was third dog in, which was nice because it got hot today. Asia was flawless in the ring exercises -- attentive, responsive, and happy. Then it was freight haul time -- we started with the out of sight stays, and she did great with that. The freight haul was pretty hilly, and although the hills were not big they were hard for Asia who was pulling 90 pounds. However, we have practiced and she is a strong girl so she did a great job today and added the Draft Dog title to her name :) Pretty cool :)

I got to see lots of people I like at the draft test, and meet several more that I got to know and like. My sister and brother arrived just in time for awards, and then we took Asia and Zoey on a hike. Much to their (Asia and Zoey, not the siblings!) delight, we found WATER -- and a golden who thought Zoey was the cutest thing ever!

Why must they always shake close to a human?! Do I look like a towel?

Here is my sister again (aka Julie) and my youngest brother, Peter:

We then all went to dinner with Auntie Ginny and Uncle Norman, and now I am back at the Motel 6 with the dogs, feeling like it was a successful day in several ways :) Hope you feel that way about your day as well!

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  1. Hagrid's mom - if you are reading this - CONGRATS on passing the draft test!! I was the steward in Portland and remember both of you very well!!

    Mary-Ann - congrats to you, also, on your successful and for posting all of the pictures. Wonderful as always.