Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just Drafting

I had hoped to get some pictures with The Steves but they were otherwise engaged at the opposite end of the pasture so just a couple of pictures so you can get a sense of where we live.

This is Asia and we are heading down the private lane away from the house -- back in the trees is our house.

And here is what it looks like as we head down the lane to the mailboxes -- quite a view, isn't it?!

Let's all send good thoughts to Cali as she takes her Boards (BIG important test) next week in California (you have to travel someplace to take it -- like a draft test only harder). You would think college, medical school, and residency would be enough but no -- apparently there is even more stressful testing when you get to that doctor stage! Yikes -- I think I prefer studying for a draft test -- seems less complicated and a much better view I bet! Good luck Cali -- we are "pulling" for you (sorry -- couldn't resist!)


  1. Just glad I don't have to pull 90 pounds for my exam! I will leave that to Asia