Monday, April 11, 2011

1233 Miles Later

I drove 1233 miles in 18+ hours -- by myself (well, with Halo, Asia, and Zoey) -- arriving home late last night. Maize is just fine -- and so is everyone else :)

Len Bergstein from Arizona very kindly took pictures of my brace team on Friday and sent these to me -- isn't that so kind of him?! Since it is hard to both compete and take pictures, I rarely have pictures of myself ;)

Look closely -- this is a picture of two dogs heeling together...

An excellent and attentive wait on the recall. Notice that unlike most brace teams, mine are not "coupled" (connected with a short leash) -- I hate seeing one get dragged by the other so do not use one.

Halo wins the recall race!

Reminding them -- pay attention!

Success in the narrows...

Love my girls!!!!!

And just now I looked out the window and what did I see???? George and Karma regarding each other!!! How cute is that?!

Long trips are good for thinking -- I have missed that -- but I am glad to be home :)

Have an excellent week!


  1. Love all the pics, but I must say that the pic of them waiting on the recall is just gorgeous! Glad you are home safely!

  2. Awesome pictures!! I don't post much but I truly enjoy your blog :)