Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Hate Seafood

I could be depressed because my bad luck continues, my streak is broken, and it is all due to a crab -- I hate seafood even more now! However, I choose to look at it in a different way -- yes, my toy obsessed dog could not take her eyes off the crab that they nicely put on the ground in front of the narrows (mean!) and as a result, hit the narrows in the draft test ending my steak of NDD passes at seven BUT she did everything else perfectly and beautifully and she is adorable :)

The pass rate at both tests was dismal -- none of the Kaibab dogs passed, although they looked good flunking :)

Here are some spectators -- our friends Jeff & Sue, and Cheryl.

Elliott from the D Litter (Maize and Zack) was SO close to passing the open test today...

Cindy and Gracie, also from the D litter -- they had one SMALL error but looked great :)

Another cheerleader -- wonderful Nikki and her pup!

Glitterati Ruben Hudson also came very close to passing today!

Marti and Purna Kinsey (F Litter) did a great job!

And Zoey made the rounds to get petted :)

Tomorrow -- obedience and rally!


  1. Marti is stylin' with the yellow sweater and Purna's matching harness. Look good! Feel good! Do good!

    Was the crab alive????

  2. Yes, Marti was definitely honoring the motto!!! And no -- the crab was a toy but I would have killed it had it been alive so lucky for it ;) Stupid crab!!!

  3. Marti and Purna were looking so good they also made the official Specialty blog at: http://bmdca2011.blogspot.com/