Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Laundry and Birthday

I am doing Galen's laundry this morning -- as you may recall, Galen (aka The Puppy Nanny) is now a student at the University of Montana and he lives in a campus studio apartment. Yes, they have laundry facilities there and you may wonder why I am doing his laundry, especially because doing his laundry caused my car accident in January. Good question and here is the answer -- because doing Galen's laundry reminds me of my mom.

When I was a young mother, I lived a mile or so from my mom. She LOVED my two kids more than anything in the world -- more than Fenton's ice cream or Aggie hot dogs or the desert or her own kids -- I am convinced the only reason I had two kids before I was 21 is because my mom needed them before she died.

Anyway, she did our laundry!!! I would just go over with the kids and somehow the laundry got done -- like magic! And for an overwhelmed young mom with two kids in diapers -- well, it was a gift and a way she took care of me and did I ever need someone to take care of me!!!

Galen never got to meet his grandmother -- she died at age 45 when my older kids were just 4 and 3 -- but she reaches through me and touches him when I do his laundry. And I get to remember what it felt like to be cared for by my own mom when I do this for Galen -- and he get clean clothes so it is a win-win-win situation.

But his laundry scares me!! You see, I was only at that intersection at that exact time because his clothes took too long to dry so I was running later than I usually would have been -- hence, his laundry caused the car accident. I like to say that I have a laundry injury because it generates guilt in Galen, and a child can never have too much guilt ;)

The D Litter (Zack and Maize) had a birthday and I am still waiting for more pictures but here are four of them at age five...

Gracie lives with our wonderful and perfect friends, the Heitzbergers, in California. If Cindy were my real sister, I would have to say that I had TWO Perfect Sisters, which would really be too much -- so good thing she is "just" my friend ;)

Fiona lives in California also -- she is loved and owned by almost 16 year old Molly (and Marti, her mom). We love Fiona and the whole "M" family!!!

Brighton started life with one family but when the dad was deployed they had to give her up rather than take her to Japan with them -- much sadness ensued but it ended with good things as Brighton now lives with Carol and Sharon (and Fannie) in Iowa, and we gained not only a great home for Brighton but a terrific friend in Carol -- we have not met Sharon yet but I am sure we love her also :)

And now one of the boys -- Milo. He lives in New Hampshire with more amazingly good people -- Jeff and Sue Nowak. As I write all this, I am really struck by all the great people who have one of our puppies -- in my dog family, I am surrounded by such wonderfully decent and good people -- how lucky I am :) :) Dear Husband and I LOVE the Nowaks -- seriously -- and including Milo Nowak :)

So glad to have these five year old pictures of these sweet Maize kids, and looking forward to getting the rest of the litter's pictures so we can enjoy and celebrate together :)

Regarding the laundry -- no good deed goes unpunished. Regarding the birthday -- YEA! Regarding your day -- hope it is spectacular!!!


  1. Hmm, I like to do my kids laundry too. Because I then get to see more of what the teenagers are upto. I get tips from emptying pockets and I get to discover clothing I did not know they had. The girls share clothes with all their friends and so they have an ever changing wardrobe that is interesting at times. My husband gets mad when I do their laundry which is interesting to me. Why does he care?

  2. Gorgeous bunch of dogs! I ADORE that face on Gracie!! So cute and sweet! Hmmmm, I was doing my own laundry by 8th grade. I wonder what that means?

  3. Some qualifications are in order! I stopped doing my kids' laundry when they were 12 or 13 years old -- they were definitely on their own! And although I now do Galen's laundry (for the first time in at least ten years :), I do not check pockets, sort by color, or any other "fancy" things -- I am definitely a low end laundry service :)

  4. I love these pictures. I got to meet Miss Gracie (That is actually the name my mom wanted me to have, but Dad won with Heidi) and she is a big heart dog. I love her. I bet the rest of the litter is just as great.

  5. Just to qualify, my kids all can and often do their own laundry too. But I like to do it when they have not gotten to it. It is interesting to empty pockets, etc. And since the girls friends all share clothes (including underwear) I find it interesting to see what some parents think is acceptable to buy high school girls. Not what I buy my girls that is for sure!