Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Once again this year I had the second highest scoring obedience dog -- Asia won the Novice B class. Question -- can you do out of sight stays when your owner/handler is sitting there watching you? Just asking...

Anyway, Fiona (Maize/Zack) was fourth in Novice B and won her Rally class, Maverick (Maize/Marshall) qualified in Rally and obedience, Elliott (Maize/Zack) did well, Gracie (also Maize/Zack) came very close to getting a Novice A leg, and so on -- lots of great Kaibab dog performances!

Halo woke us up throwing up and was off all day and just wanted to stick her head between my legs -- not helpful in the obedience ring :) But she did manage to do well at the end of the day in Rally and she seems fine now.

I skipped Rally with Zoey and Asia as the day was hectic -- and long -- enough :)

Tomorrow -- agility!!!!!! YEA!

Hope your week is going very well!

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