Thursday, April 28, 2011

Backstory and Show Plans

It has now been over three months since I had the minor but life-altering car accident. Who knew how much damage and drama could be caused by a relatively low-speed collusion?! Not me.

I don't like to whine too much or give extra energy/attention to those three herniated disks in my lower back, but they do speak to me every day, and impact my plans and goals. I know life is not fair and that it could be worse and so on -- but I also know that it could be better and more fair and I wish it were both!

I have paid dearly for the drive home from the Specialty -- my back hates that whole sitting still/driving thing and has been quite mad about that drive, punishing me with new and different pain; Alleve is my new best friend.

And so -- not wanting to piss off those nerves again -- I have revised my dog show plans AGAIN because of Galen's laundry/the car accident.

I have four dogs who are trained in agility and could be running at trials but because of my back, I am limiting myself to no more than two dogs per trial and spacing out the trials.

I have multiple dogs who could be training for the June Montana tracking test -- but I will just work with one because of my back.

I would love to go to the California Regional in June and visit family at the same time -- but the drive is too long for those touchy nerves.

And so on -- you get the picture.

So what are we doing? Since hopes and goals keep me happy, I cannot give up everything and so yes, we have hopes and goals -- since people have asked, here they are :)

Mac is cross training -- draft, obedience, and agility. He has three different agility weekends between now and the end of June, with a total of eight runs, and so my hope is that he will get his NJP. We are entering the Oregon draft test on June 3 - 4 so hope to earn his NDD at that test. Finally, he is doing obedience training, with the goal of showing him in Novice at the Missoula shows in late June.

Zoey will be back in action in May doing the same agility trial in Logan, Utah as Mac and also one day in Best of Breed at the same show. She will be entered in the Oregon draft test as well, and do four days of agility and breed in Blackfoot, Idaho in June.

By the end of June, my hope is that both Zoey and Mac will be new Versatility Dogs, and that Zoey will also be a BMDCA Working Dog, and have more points towards her Grand Championship.

Halo will run in the agility trial this weekend, and not in the May trial because of my back-imposed two dog limit.

Cadi is taking an agility break for the same reason, and instead I am hoping to get her CDX this summer.

Asia will be training for the late summer and fall VST tests once this semester is over, which is thankfully very soon.

Sydney is mostly just training but I will show her in conformation if she stays in coat, but only at the shows I am already planning. I had hoped to take her to more but the back...

Maize is successfully achieving her goal of staying alive and having fun :)

And so I have just a short-term plan at this point -- through June -- and then we will see what we have accomplished/what is possible and go from there. As you may recall, I always make New Year's Goals, and in spite of the limitations, I have already completed three:

Halo will earn her NFP.
Asia will earn her BNDD.
Zoey will complete her CH.

In addition to completing those, we have made progress on others and so I take comfort in all of that :)

So that is what we are up to -- Helena agility on Saturday, Logan, Utah on May 20 - 22 for agility and breed (and visit with my daughter :), Oregon draft tests on June 3 - 4, Blackfoot, Idaho on June 16 - 19 for agility and breed, CAMP KAIBAB on June 24 - 25 for serious fun and training, and the Missoula shows on June 26 - 28 for obedience and breed.

I hope you have some excellent hopes and goals -- and would love to hear them!

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  1. Oh, I am SO very sorry that your back is so troublesome. I am especially sorry, because I selfishly wanted to see you in June! I am sending healing thoughts, lots of love, and a big, Big, BIG hug. (((XXX))) :-)

    Your days to run in the sun will come again, I just know it. Maybe I'll drive to Montana myself this summer. Hmmmmm. I think it's time that someone does YOUR laundry! (but I don't sort either.)