Monday, April 4, 2011


We made our way through Idaho, Nevada and California -- finally arriving in Del Mar late yesterday afternoon, exhausted and ready for action (not!). Thankfully, Marti arrived when I did and was extremely helpful -- and the hotel staff unloaded all my stuff and took it to the room, which was so nice -- that doesn't happen at Motel Six, BTW ;) So after a good night's sleep, I am feeling more ready for action, which is a good thing as this is an action-packed week.

We have a very nice room -- the only thing missing is Dear Husband :( Here is a look at it -- we have a patio that looks over the pool!

Zoey especially appreciated that the Specialty goodie bag included a toy!!!!!

Halo loves the tile floor in the bathroom...

And Asia is resting up for her big week...

Today is Monday -- Zoey and I are practicing draft with Kay and Ruben Hudson at 9, practicing draft with Purna Kinsey whenever they get here (Marti lives close so stayed at home last night), meeting with the BMDCA Board at 3 to discuss the member survey, going to a talk by Dr. Jean Dodds at 7, and in between all this I will visit friends and further get ready for my Berner U presentation tomorrow morning -- a busy day!

If you are not here in Del Mar -- you are missed :)

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  1. Good to hear you made it safely! Wishing you good luck, minimal to NO back pain, and lots of fun!
    Lisa-sadly missing out on the fun!