Thursday, March 31, 2011

Specialty Plans

Big Sigh. Dear Husband is staying home from the Specialty because of concerns that Mrs. Maize could have a crash again -- she is fine now but we just worry about both of us being so far away should anything happen.

This is very, very disappointing -- Dear Husband and I always go to the Specialty together, and he will miss seeing all of our friends. Plus, he is the Safety Committee Chair -- well, he was -- I guess I am now. Luckily I have a lot of people I can volunteer to help me...

So not exactly the Specialty I planned but just another life lesson, I am sure...

So, three girls got baths this afternoon and are fluffed and ready to go -- here is the list of who is doing what and when....


Halo deVil is going to have a fun Specialty. On Wednesday she will do obedience and rally. On Thursday she will do agility. On Friday she will do brace draft with Asia, and be in the Brood Bitch class with Zoey and Purna. On Saturday she will be in the Veterans Versatility Showcase.

Moving on to Asia...

Asia is ready to go! On Wednesday she will do obedience and rally. On Friday she will do brace draft with Halo, and on Saturday she will be in the Versatility Showcase.

This could be a very special Specialty for Zoey!

On Tuesday she will do the draft test. On Wednesday she will do rally in spite of not having any rally training at all -- should be fun (!). On Thursday is her real and official agility debut -- super excited about that :) Friday is Brood Bitch with her mom and sister, and on Saturday she will be in Best of Breed for the first time ever.

Several other Kaibab dogs will be competing -- I will keep everyone posted and share pictures if the fickle camera works; I am also taking a video camera! You can also follow Specialty results at this site:

So I leave tomorrow late afternoon, drive to Twin Falls for the night, and then to Davis, CA for a family visit on Saturday. Early Sunday I will head south, stopping in Santa Barbara to visit my Perfect Sister and her practically perfect family :) I hope to be at the Specialty on Sunday evening in time for a meeting of the show committee.

It will be great to see everyone -- but sad not to have Dear Husband with me... However, I am sure there is a life lesson in THAT as well -- sigh....

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  1. I am sure you will feel better knowing Maize is with her daddy. Ziggy is doing well enough that we are leaving her with Kacey. If he takes a turn for the worse we will go home. He gets chemo on Tuesday and she will be taking him. He got a bath today with the girls and is all puffy and beautiful.
    I am a rally steward on Wednesday and Keith is a draft steward on Friday so we will be there to cheer you on!!
    Drive carefully-take lots of stretch breaks-looking forward to seeing you and the girls soon!