Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is This Normal?!

I know it probably doesn't seem normal to have a grooming table permanently planted in your living room but what I think is even stranger is how much Zoey has always liked it. Ever since she was little she prefers it to the floor -- I just took these pictures so you can see for yourself...

She is a funny dog!


  1. She is just making sure you continue to smile!

  2. She is "air Zoey" . She must definately think she can fly and needs to perch high!! :)

  3. Yeah, it's normal--for the F'litters. Maddie feels ever so much more secure when she's up off the floor. When we go to the vet's she climbs up on the bench beside me to wait, and when in the examining room she climbs up on the table so she can look at everyone at eye level. On the other hand, Zoey doesn't look very stressed...