Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Update and Reminder

Date #2 was also a success and now Dear Husband and Cadi are started on their long trip home (1,057 miles to be exact). On/about March 25 we will do an ultrasound to see if this adventure has been a fruitful one, so to speak.

In other news, I wanted to share that my MRI showed three damaged disks from the car accident. This is actually a relief to me -- I thought I was being a wimp and it turns out maybe I have been on the stoic side. It will get better but won't be quick -- thanks to all who have sent suggestions/support because I really appreciate all of it!

I am learning to be moderate with activity and it is helping, and I have developed new awareness and empathy for people who live with chronic pain; all of life's events have meaning, if we are open to seeking it... (darn life events, darn meaning, stupid car accident).

Truthfully, it is better -- last week was wicked and so by comparison, this week gives hope that it *will* get better -- it has to!!! The Specialty is 4.5 weeks away!!!!!!!!

I hope your day has been fruitful and that your back is pain-free :) And don't forget -- stop signs are not merely a suggestion and seat belts matter!


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  2. Yikes! THREE damaged disks ~ ya, I'd say you are stoic. Is there a spine doctor/clinic you can see to give you wellness tips living with an injured back?
    Be careful and patient w/yourself. Hang in there.