Sunday, March 27, 2011

Goodness All Around!

The second person who has two dogs in the Specialty VST just wrote -- she has been out of town and is just catching up on things -- and she is also willing to give up a track! Yikes -- so much kindness :) Thanks to Denise for her willingness to spread the tracking wealth around :) :) And so much good karma coming towards those two women!!!

Dear Husband just got back from almost a week in Utah (after a grueling drive that involved a missed turn and a flat tire and a suicidal coyote). He is obviously relieved that Mrs. Maize is better. The anti-inflammatory I gave her this morning made a BIG difference!!!! Here is a very happy Maize and her happy dad...

Hope you are having a happy day, filled with goodness!

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  1. I'm all for happy. Let's make THAT a growing trend! I was at work all night in the ER, and everytime I could, I snuck a peek to see how Mrs. Maize was doing. Instead of sleeping, I'm on my way to a wedding -- Michael is officiating for his coworker. The second time! How do these things happen? :-) But you made my sleepy day with your news.