Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Morning Update

Maize has totally bounced back from the brink -- we have no idea what to think (except YEA!) and are meeting with the Specialist today to chat about things. This chat will help us decide what to do about the Specialty -- we are seriously considering having Dear Husband stay home with Maize.

Galen (aka The Puppy Nanny) is booked to stay here with the dogs during the Specialty but if Maize were to crash again -- well, that would not be pretty for many reasons and Galen would no doubt need therapy for the rest of his life should Maize die under his watch -- he LOVES Mrs. Maize.

On the other hand, Dear Husband is cool as a cucumber in a crisis and could handle things if they went south (and fall apart later as he also LOVES Mrs. Maize -- but who doesn't?!).

So still trying to decide what to do... but at least some of us will be heading to southern California very soon -- ready or not (more not than we would like -- sigh)...

Dear Husband took this excellent picture of our Deer Friends, Heidi Marie and George -- enlarge/look closely to see that this is a smooch...

I feel like I am living in a wildlife refuge, peacefully co-existing with all the animals and birds -- a dream come true :)

I hope you are realizing dreams -- but of course you can't unless you dream so don't forget to dream! And dream big :)

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