Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Peaches' Peachy News

Terri (Peaches' mom, not Zed's mom -- confusing, I know :) has previously shared about the new dog sport called Nosework -- well, she and Peaches (F Litter) were in their first official trial on Sunday and here is a summary from Terri:

"Yea! Peaches got her NW1 Title! (She was one of 23 out of 39 competitors to get their titles.)

She got a perfect score of 25 in all four events, Vehicle, Interior, Container and Exterior

In three of those events she also got a "Pronounced" recognition which is at the judges discretion and reflects the teamwork exhibited between dog and
handler. She also got some great comments from the judges on her score sheets, my favorite being "Awesome to watch!".

Her highest placement was 2nd in the Interior Search, she was in the middle of the group for the other three. There was some really tough competition!"

Here is a picture from the inside part of the testing/trial:

In these outdoor shots, Peaches is finding what Terri describes this way: "It's a little 1" round metal container with 1 q-tip cut in half that has the scent of birch oil on it, and is hidden up and under the running board invisible to both of us visually."

Found it!

Yea for Terri and Peaches!!!! Congratulations :)


  1. Woo Hoo! Congratulations to Terri and Peaches! I notice you have your matching pink scarves on-looking good. I was so disappointed that the Nosework seminar at the National was cancelled for lack of entries-I was looking forward to trying it with Zaida.

  2. Oh! I hadn't heard they had cancelled it! How utterly sad. I'd give anything to do a seminar with Jill Marie!

    This is the best thing I have ever done with Peaches. It has been so good for her in so many ways, it's built drive, confidence, skill and uses her natural talents. I think it has paved the way for her to be able to participate in other dogs sports.

    The pink scarf is what allows us to participate in this sport, everything is set up so that dogs who are reactive to other dogs can have fun and don't have to be stressed by the possibility of people who don't understand the need for distance between some dogs. The pink scarf signifies a dog's need for distance from other dogs and keeps them from cluelessly waggling up, it allows the handlers to be more relaxed because it is very clearly explained to all the competitors what the meaning is.

    I'm sure you have seen a typical dog show or obedience ring where dogs are not very carefully watched and are often in each others faces. That would not work for Peach. With Nose Work the environment is set up so that her needs are equal and important.

    It's the same with other dogs' needs. We had this wonderful very old Bull Terrier who could not have walked the long distances of the trial grounds, but he was allowed to be pulled in his crate on a rolling cart right up to the start line. Do his searches and then get rolled back to the parking lot and queued up for the next search. While that dog may have placed last due to his times in each event, he and his handler still had a ton of fun and this old dog did not have to be "retired" from sport simply because his physical skills were not comparable! The nose can work even thought the legs don't!

    My friends 14 yr old deaf Boarder/Aussie mix with a heap of obedience and agility titles placed 9th.

    We also had a dog who was quite reactive to people, had been in 6 homes in 2 years before finding his forever home with an amazing couple and every accommodation was made so that he could work and he placed 16th. Pretty cool, eh?

    And Peaches, I literally just found out, placed 10th over all! Yea!