Thursday, March 31, 2011

If Not for Bad Luck -- No Luck at All...

To continue with the string of unfortunate events, I made the difficult but realistic decision not to track with Asia at the Specialty -- the reason: car accident.

I teach until 5 pm on Friday and would need to be in Southern California by Saturday evening. Due to my back, I have literally not driven more than 45 minutes at a time since January 25 when the accident happened. So it just seems foolish to try and do a marathon drive, risking making myself more hurty for the Specialty week in the process.

Plus, I was not able to train as much as I like -- also because of the car accident.

Do you sense that I might be unhappy about the stupid, awful, unfortunate, not-fair car accident?! You would be right...

The Specialist does not think the chemo is what bounced Maize back -- he thinks it is just another one of her strange episodes where she seems to be on death's door -- and then is fine again for a while. We are still debating about what to do regarding the Specialty -- obviously a decision will be made soon :)

The thing about strings of bad luck is that it ends at some point, and we appreciate our good fortune so much more having experienced rough patches. It is like hitting a bad storm -- you just have to keep your little boat afloat and hang on, trusting that storms end and then the still, clear water will be so wonderful and special -- and appreciated. I look forward to being able to just look back and say, "WHEW -- that was a tough stretch!"

In the meantime, please send good thoughts, life preservers -- and chocolate ;)

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  1. Gosh, I can relate. We are in the same rocky boat. :-(

    Prayers for us all to see some calm in the days to come.