Friday, March 25, 2011

@#$% Specialty Tracking AGAIN

This has been a less than thrilling week, capped off yesterday by a voice mail two seconds before I had to go teach my research class that Asia is first alternate in the Specialty VST (tracking) test. I will not repeat what my reaction to this news was...

There are five tracks available -- there are four of us who entered, but two people entered two dogs each so six dogs for five tracks. So two people got two dogs in, and one person got one dog in -- and I got the alternate spot -- what are the chances of that?! Well, I can tell you -- 100%.

Personally, I would not run two dogs and leave someone out but that is me, and since there are two people in the two dog position -- well, that complicates it, doesn't it? Who should drop a track, ensuring all of us get at least one track? There is no fair way to handle this now :(

And so I am pulling my entry and not maintaining alternate status. The test is on Sunday, and so it means getting to the Specialty early. As an alternate, I would just sit there like a vulture waiting for something bad to happen so a track became available -- or worse -- my presence would cause the two dog entrants to feel awkward and uncomfortable, knowing they were taking two slots while I got none.

I know and like the other trackers and they have done nothing wrong by getting lucky in a draw -- and they deserve to enjoy their tracks -- so I will skip tracking AGAIN this year. Disappointing but just another test of trust -- things happen as they should, and Asia's VST track is clearly another time and another place.

Cadi had an ultrasound and it did show she is pregnant but it was early and so we did not see much -- could be a small litter or too early to see all the puppies so we will repeat next week. I was hoping the vet would say she was filled with puppies so that was also not a highlight of the week...

However, it has been warm and there is no snow and so far Zoey is not in season!! I am concerned that she will come in just in time to make sure she cannot compete in working events at the Specialty but so far, so good -- paws crossed.

I hope your week has been better than mine!!! And that all your draws are lucky ones :)


  1. Patience - that is one strength that these dogs teach us... sigh

  2. Pregnant = yay! Trust that the universe unfolds as it should = hard. :-(

    Lots, and Lots, and LOTS of good thoughts for you.

  3. Sorry about the track :( Guess I won't rush out there to watch.
    Any pregnant is good pregnant!! Congratulations!