Saturday, March 26, 2011

Update Again

Maize is a little better -- not where she was by any means but she seems less tired.

Yesterday was her scheduled day for chemo and she got it last night (it is a pill once every three weeks), even though she was so sick (I figured there was nothing to lose since I thought she was dying). I noticed that the shoulder mass was much bigger yesterday and I am wondering if perhaps getting to the end of the chemo cycle results in the cancer getting an edge/growing and making her feel crappy -- and now that the chemo is back on board she is bouncing back a bit?

This has not happened before but given the sudden increase in the size of the shoulder mass, I have to think that other places also had some increased growth/activity, since nobody believes her shoulder mass is the only place she has a tumor.

I don't know what is happening -- and it doesn't really matter I guess -- but I am grateful that she is still with us, however gently she is living right now.

It is a lovely, sunny day here in Montana -- Maize and granddaughter Syd on the deck.

Three generations -- Maize, Cadi, Sydney

Thank you so much for all your good thoughts -- I appreciate them so much and Maize wishes all of you could visit and pet her...


  1. So glad you have more time; I know however much there is will be suffused with love.

  2. More hugs and love being sent your way with gentle belly rubs and butt scratches as well.

  3. Love and good thoughts to Mrs. Maize. Keeping you all in my prayers.

  4. That is the most precious photo ever of the three of them. Peace to Mrs Maize...xoxoxo

  5. What I like from those pictures is that she's not panting... If she's living gently and quietly, at least maybe she's peaceful about that. She can have no doubt about how much she's loved and that she's lived her life well.

  6. Big hugs to you and the Mrs. She is such a special girl...give her some butt scratches from me. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way...

  7. Hurrah Maize!!! We are still sending a steady stream of love and prayers. In my mind, I have sat next to you and stroked your sweet head today, sending you comfort and strength for whatever it is that comes next for you. All our best, Grand Girl. We are thinking of you always.

  8. M-A, each special dog has their own rite of passage. We have learned over the years to let them dictate their own passage as long as they are not in any kind of pain or under any kind of duress. A peaceful passage around those who love them the most is the best thing you can offer them as a final gift.

    Thinking of you and Ms. Maize and sending pets and hugs to her and warm comforting thoughts to you.