Monday, March 21, 2011

Lotsa Stuff!!!

1. BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Elizabethanne and Poodle Cousin, Chase, who won the Grand Prize at the Canis Film Festival yesterday at the Clicker Expo in Chicago -- the video is called "What is This?" (Teaching A Visual Match To Sample) and you can still see it at:

YEA for Team Poodle!!!!!!!

2. Holy Lotsa Data!!!! 537 respondents so far!!!!!

3. Look who came calling!!! Heidi Marie and George -- and look at how grown up he is getting!!!

4. A lesson for world leaders courtesy of Zoey and Carlos/Ute:

Zoey: Listen -- this is MY grooming table -- you need to leave.
Carlos/Ute: You listen -- I was here first (this morning).
Zoey: You are an interloper -- a stranger -- a foreigner!! This is my house, my grooming table, and you need to leave before I call a meeting of the Girl Council and get some kind of Resolution to handle you FOREIGNER!!!!

The Joint Chiefs of Staff met...

And they created a Resolution: "Be it Resolved, everyone needs to share, to get along, and BE NICE!!!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! All are welcome in our home!!!"

Zoey and Ute/Carlos -- in unison and in less than charitable voices: FINE.

You heard it here -- have a very nice day!

P.S. We have more weekend Kaibab news but are waiting for pictures and a full report -- stay tuned!

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