Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tragedy of Epic Proportions

Maize is fine -- and the mass doesn't even look like cancer based on a quick look under the microscope. However, more of Maize is now heading for California -- a piece of the mass will be examined at UC Davis.

The tragedy is what happened to Zoey and her red ball today!!

We have a room that is gated off so the cats can have a place where the dogs do not eat their food -- sharing is nice and all that but the cats would starve if we relied on the dogs to share food so we have a protected zone for cats.

This morning Zoey kept running up and down the hall, which I thought was strange, but it took a while before I thought it odd enough to investigate. And when I did -- well, the California street cat named Carlos to some and Ute to others was practically smirking! Look at this picture of him sticking his tongue out at poor Zoey from the other side of the gate!

And why would the little felon be doing that?! And why would Zoey be so frantic??? See for yourself...

Yes indeed -- he had the BALL!!!! That is the tragedy of epic proportion -- at least in Zoey's world -- and life is all about perspective so if you think it is a tragedy -- well, it is!

I reunited Zoey with her beloved ball, thereby proving to her once again that I am worthy of all love and devotion - it takes so little with dogs ;)


  1. so happy that all went well for Maize AND that Zoey got her beloved ball back:)

  2. Oh, I needed this one..a good laugh before work ~ Thank you!