Sunday, March 6, 2011

Montana Mac to Zed Zimmerman: Eat Your Heart Out, Sucker!!!!

I wish I could say that Spring had arrived but that would be a lie -- however, I found some bare ground on the driveway and decided it was time to debut Montana Mac's new harness -- HOLY AMAZING!!!!!!!! No more pink harness for Montana Mac!!!

Zed is going to be extremely and even more jealous than usual when he sees this incredible harness that was made just for Montana Mac by his friend, Martha, of All Things Bright and Biothane. In fact -- we are all jealous and want a few of these incredible harnesses of our own!!!!!

You know it is going to be good when it comes in a color coordinated bag!

And it does not disappoint -- the colors are lovely and the design is excellent. The harness is easy to adjust, fits well, and is not heavy.

And yes indeed -- the harness has charms on it -- not wimpy Washington dog charms with a coffee cup or killer whale (Montana Mac says) but studly Montana/Scottish dog charms with a Coat of Arms!

Here is a picture of the front showing the tartan colors of Montana Mac McTavish's Scottish Roots -- and the lovely matching leash!

The harness has some serious bling -- check out what is on the traces...

And of course there has to be a matching collar!

This is a REALLY REALLY outstanding harness -- I LOVE it and definitely will be ordering a couple of them. Maize has a charm collar from the same company that we love -- it has charms of all her titles and was sent by her Aunt Marti, which makes it even more special to us.

So check out the website of this berner-owner owned company -- very cool stuff and highly recommended by Mrs. Maize, Aunt Marti, me and Montana Mac:

We might need to take up a collection and get a special harness for poor jealous Zed...


  1. Ahahaha!!! Love it!! Dang, I hadn't seen one of hers that is quite so fancy, may have to check into it futher. She has made me one thing before, but this is awesome! Handsome boy!!

  2. Wow Is that the Siwash Harnesses? What age can you start your dogs in drafting?

  3. Maverick's is red and black and called "The Maverick." It has bucking broncos on it! Appropriate for him, as that is how he used to react to his other harness. . . . Will see if I can get pictures and upload them. Using my son's laptop and the neighbors internet, as we are without for a week. :(