Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mushroom Alert & Video

Zoey is extremely disgusted and suspicious! She is disgusted because she thinks that mushrooms are going to start growing on her from the daily soaking she gets, and she is suspicious that all this spraying and combing and being wet half the day means that she is going to be in a beauty pageant soon...

And she is right -- not about the mushrooms, of course (I hope!) -- but about the beauty pageant. Zoey is entered in the Best of Breed class at the Specialty and this means daily grooming -- line combing with dilute conditioner -- it takes about an hour and I do it 5 - 6 days a week. On one of the off days, I give her a bath -- in just conditioner!

Her new BFF, Carlos/Ute, says he is willing to take one for the team...

...but I suspect he would be disqualified as he doesn't meet the Breed Standard in several ways...

But in exchange for enduring all that grooming, Zoey has been having some serious fun and surely will be the most fit dog in the Best of Breed class -- she has been practicing draft and agility almost daily as she will be doing both at the Specialty, in addition to that beauty queen crap (her words). Here is a video of both Zoey and Halo getting ready for the Specialty...


  1. That was so fun to watch!! Can't wait to see you next weekend. So much to do before that!

  2. Awesome! Wish I could come for the camping experience this summer. :D

  3. You are both sooo inspiring!!! Can't wait to watch the performance in person - Gracie will be watching too as they say that they really do learn from osmosis:)