Sunday, March 20, 2011

Can You Keep Up?

Apparently I have a lot to share lately -- and now more...

A painting based on a puppy picture I took will be one of the items available at the Specialty Health Auction -- here is the original picture and the painting:

So, who can guess which puppy that is?

And if you want me to bid on this picture for you (sorry -- you will have to pay for it :) -- let me know! I think it is beautiful!!!!


  1. OMGosh--I don't think I can see any freckles, but could that be our little Maddie, and is she eating that twig? If so, she's now 92 pounds and with lots of kissable freckles on her nose but some things never change and she still eats twigs...

  2. Bingo!!!! It is Maddie from the F Litter :)