Friday, March 25, 2011

Mrs. Maize Update

Unfortunately, Mrs. Maize appears to have taken a bad turn. I noticed that she was tired this morning, and Galen came over earlier to take care of the dogs because I had to work late and he also noticed she seemed tired.

I took her out to potty about an hour ago, and I could see she wasn't herself. We came in and she laid on her bed, and there she has stayed. I covered her with the blanket Lisa made for us, even though it is not a dog blanket, and she is resting comfortably. Although she is aware of us, she is not especially responsive -- although she just opened her eyes when everyone else barked at something. However, you know when the Chief of the Fun Police doesn't join a barkfest -- when, it isn't good :(

Maize seems to be in no discomfort and so I see no need to do anything except keep her comfortable and let her be here with us, as she always has been. Maybe this is just a little setback -- but I don't think so...


  1. Ohhhhh, honey!! Mrs Maize, M-A and everyone else, you are in my thoughts. xoxoxo

  2. My heart is breaking, and I'm sending all my love for Maize with my tears. I wish it wasn't so hard. XOXOXO