Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Camp Kaibab!

Last year Kris O. and I held a very successful Camp Berner here in Montana, and we all had a lot of fun doing it. Camp Berner is something that Kris and I will likely do again together, and that will be open to all berner working people but for Kaibab Campers I am pleased to offer Camp Kaibab.

Camp Kaibab will be a working camp held on June 24 & 25 at our place in Stevensville, Montana. We welcome all levels of Kaibab Campers -- to be a Kaibab Camper one must have a Kaibab dog or be a very close friend/relative. However, we do not wish to be snobby about this and so non-Kaibab Campers may come as auditors/helpers.

The Missoula shows will be the three days immediately following Camp Kaibab, and offers breed, obedience, and rally at a wonderful site just 30 minutes from us.

If all goes according to plan, Cadi's puppies will be ready to head for their new homes on/about June 26 so you can see that the timing is perfect for Camp Kaibab/Missoula shows/Puppy Pick-up/Puppy Visiting -- how nice of Cadi to plan that so well!

Cost of Camp Kaibab will be $85 and include lunch and etc. and etc. No deposit required -- you can pay when you show up, and you can change your mind/plans at any point -- we are flexible! Our goal is to offer a fun and positive experience, providing Campers with practical training techniques and ideas that can be applied at home to help Kaibab dogs -- and their owners -- further excel in a variety of working events.

If you are thinking about coming and/or have questions, just send an email: msontag@qwest.net

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