Friday, March 18, 2011

Ring Nerves!

Holy Struck a Nerve! What started as a way to collect quick and real data for my undergrad research class and gather data for my upcoming Berner U presentation at the Specialty has turned into something bigger than I expected.

Working with my students, I designed a brief questionnaire about Ring Nerves and used Survey Monkey to put it on the internet. I then sent out this invitation:

If you compete with your dog in any/all events -- I need your help!

I am collecting data about "Ring Nerves" for a presentation and possible article -- would you please complete this BRIEF and ANONYMOUS questionnaire? The link to the questionnaire is:

Thank you very much -- and please feel free to forward!

Questions? Please email me at:

Mary-Ann Bowman Ph.D.
Stevensville, Montana

And Holy Lotsa Responses -- we are already at 260 and it has been only 22 hours since I posted it!


So if you have not participated, please do -- and please forward/post to Facebook/whatever -- it would be most excellent to get to 500 responses.

Thanks :)


  1. Update -- we are now at 304 responses!!!!

  2. Wahoooo!!! I think it is great! And it just goes to show you, how very important the mental game is in dog sports and in life in general. I think Facebook is really helping get the word out as well. I can't wait to hear/see the results!! Great job!

  3. Wow! That is great. Looking forward to hearing the responses. I think the mental game is bigger than most people realize for any sport in which your partner is an animal. They are so tuned into us that when we smell, act and look different it throws them off. Which puzzles us as most novice competitors don't understand why their dog is behaving differently and a bad spiral starts. It took me way too long to figure it out.