Friday, April 15, 2011

The New and Revised H Litter Plan and Weekend

As I have mentioned, we have a new plan for the H Litter. Here is a picture of sisters:

The fun part of that picture (which was taken by Tammy Hayden Porter - thanks to Tammy) is that the girls are sisters and the girl-dogs are sisters :) The first girl is Molly, age 15, with Fiona from the D Litter (Maize/Zack); Fiona is the girl we will be breeding soon. Behind them is a girl who looks just like the first girl, which makes sense since they are twins, and she is Megan with Asia (Halo/Zack).

We will refrain from mentioning that Megan, not realizing how much she had grown since she last put on her show suit, had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction in full (moon) view of the crowd when stacking Asia, much to the dismay of her mother -- and simply note how fortunate it is that the cute twins wear underwear!

Anyway, back to the H Litter -- Fiona will be the mom and we have a super exciting WOW YEA boy that is on the Short List but once again, we are awaiting DM test results -- one of the parents must be clear so keep your fingers crossed on this. Fiona is Maize 2.0 -- if all goes according to plan, we should have wonderful, sweet puppies by the end of the summer :)

In the meantime and following along with my current life story, If It Weren't For Bad Luck, I Would Have No Luck At All, we have one of the TWO local agility trials of the year this weekend! The good news is that Zoey did not come in season until the end of the Specialty -- the bad news is that Zoey came in season. This means she misses -- not one but two -- of the very few and far between Montana agility trials -- how is that for excellent timing?! The second trial she will miss, which is in two weeks, is in Helena -- "only" 2.5 hours away so practically local -- sigh...

But all is not lost (trying to see sunshine on a cloudy day ;) -- Montana Mac will be making his agility debut!!!! Check out his excellent weaving:

And cute Halo is also entered in a class each of the two days as well -- but Zoey....ugh....

Apparently I am in need of additional character building, which is the only explanation I can come up with for this long string of unfortunate events -- and how wonderful that the Universe/God cares about me enough to want to build my character (!). I know it will change soon -- and because I know I am due, I am going to start buying lottery tickets so I will be ready when my luck takes a turn.

In meantime, I truly hope YOU are enjoying all the good fortune that I am not. And congratulations on having enough character :)


  1. Yes I was a very humiliated mother. It could have been worse. The four girls all look great in that picture.

  2. Oh -- it could have been MUCH worse! What if she had been wearing a thong?!!!!! Oh well -- reminds me of when my newly well-endowed teenage daughter came up from body surfing in the very cold Oregon ocean and did not notice that the top of her bathing suit was covering her belly button and not her... well, you know... ;) It did not help that we were all speechless and could not immediately find words to say why...

  3. The wardrobe malfunction stories made me laugh. At least I'm not the only one!!!

    Paws crossed with extra prayers for a H litter. H is for healthy! I am so dog-sick and heartbroken; the Specialty was wonderful, but attending it and leaving it Bernerless definitely activated some aspects of grief for us that have been difficult.

    I too am looking forward to a change of luck and lottery tickets. I realize that all the wisdom that these life lessons have been giving me is priceless, but it is more largess than I was expecting!

    I'm looking forward to hearing all sorts of good news from your part of the world. I hope to share some of my own sometime soon too!