Monday, July 25, 2011

Do The Math

Yesterday there were 23 girls entered at the Portland show -- a five point major in girls requires 19. I had hope -- Zoey went to Portland needing five points for her Grand Championship.

Unfortunately only thirteen class girls showed plus four excellent champion girls -- that equals what? A four point major -- Zoey got it by going Best of Opposite.

So now she sits at 24 points, with four majors -- and that is great and impressive and so on but really -- one stinking point?! Sigh.

Yesterday was Mac's fourth birthday so a big Happy Birthday to him -- we will not make him wear the crown :)


  1. What the heck happened? Ten no shows? TEN? That really stinks. One or two I can see but ten?

    Congrats on beating the other specials! That is awesome!

  2. way to go Zoey!!!!! One more point - that's a cinch... :)