Sunday, July 24, 2011


What seems like another lifetime ago I lived near Portland so being here reminds me of what my life could have been like, which I always find so disconcerting. And then I remembered something I read about your real and true life being the one you are living and as usual, my sense of faith in what is popped right up, reminding me that things unfold as they should...

Portland is a lovely city and how strange (in a fun way) to have all kinds of services and places to eat and etc. so close! But ever since I was kid I wanted to live in the country and so cities like this feel so crowded to me now, and I have some new insights about dogs in the context of a city like this -- that is for another day.

Peaches Sula's mom, Terri, has let us stay her GREAT house and what a blessing that is, especially for Mrs. Maize who is much happier than if we were at a motel. A big thanks to Terri :)

Mrs. Maize -- aka Dog Show Mrs. Congeniality -- had a grand time meeting new BFF's yesterday. She went from person to person to spread her unconditional positive regard to as many people as her leash would allow, and then she won her veterans class -- never mind that she was the only dog in her class :) When you are an 11 year old berner, it is kind of like last dog standing wins the prize! And being alive at 11 is indeed the best prize of all :)


They have a rather famous and funky doughnut shop here in Portland called VooDoo Doughnuts -- part of the experience is standing in LONG lines to get one of their strangely named doughnuts. This morning, up at my usual crack of dawn time, I went over and got Galen a maple bacon doughnut and there was NO LINE! Maize poses with the famous pink box -- and yes, doughnuts inside!

Zoey shows this afternoon -- keep your paws crossed! In the meantime, we are off to show Galen where we lived when he was a wee lad...


  1. The pictures of Mrs. Maize brought tears to my eyes! Glad you are all having a great time. :) Wish we could have been there as well.

  2. I love Mrs Maize. She restoresvmy faith in many things. :-)