Saturday, July 9, 2011

The New Business Empire

Ever since Jake and Cassie were here talking about their future business empire, Karma has been on a mission to expand her own business empire. She tried to recruit Carlos/Ute/CarlUte as a partner so she could expand the extermination business.

Unfortunately this will not work since the cat with many names is NOT allowed outside! Every time he has gotten out we have spent a worried 24 - 36 hours while he pretends to be a feral street cat from California among all the trees and bushes of Montana -- well, the ones within 100 feet of the house anyway. He loses his hearing, has delusions that we are giants chasing him with the intention of roasting him alive, and somehow thinks living outside under the bush waiting to be killed by a fox, coyote, or who knows what is better than his nice house with the other dogs -- that is, until he gets hungry and then his psychotic episode magically ends -- sigh.

So given that Carlos/Ute/CarlUte was unavailable to help with the extermination end of things, Karma decided to diversify! She looked around (at our lawn), saw a definite need and brought in a business partner -- Heidi Marie. Yes indeed, Karma's Killing (the name of her new business empire) now includes the elimination of weeds! This morning Karma sat on the deck with me and watched her business partner demonstrate her natural weed control skills -- very impressive.

Heidi Marie focuses right in on the weeds, leaving the lawn intact -- she handles yellow weeds...

She eradicates clover!

Pink weeds and dandelions are no match for Heidi Marie -- that dandelion in this picture was gone in the next bite!

And she recycles - but we do not show pictures like that!!!

There are a few bugs to work out in this new business venture -- Heidi Marie sometimes forgot to stick to weeds and munched on the shrubs also - and not in a pruning kind of way but in a way that causes your friends (aka Marti ) to secretly wonder why you have such ugly bushes -- LOL!!!!!

But overall, this is another example of a win-win -- Karma expands her business empire, our lawn has no more dandelions, and Heidi Marie got a free lunch!

Let's all be winners -- but not in a Charlie Sheen kind of way...


  1. Ok, that was hilarious! And your photography skills are excelling as well!

  2. Heidi Marie's last picture is awesome!! I love her!! It's like we have something in common!

  3. LOL! I thought you do business with animals. It seems like Karma really does her "eating business" well. Cheers for the good photos, btw.

    Matthew Engquist