Monday, July 11, 2011

A Few Things!

First of all, a BIG Happy Birthday to Cadi and her brother, Maverick!! It is very hard to believe that the C for Cruising and Convenience Store litter (born 7/11) is already six but it is true. I hope Mav and Cadi have excellent birthdays :)

We remember their littermate, Dillon, who sadly is not alive to celebrate with those who love him -- he is gone but he is not forgotten.

Second, a BIG congratulations to Fiona (D Litter) and her family -- Fiona got a major towards her championship yesterday in Ventura :)

Third, I decided last month that I would name my next puppy Harper (long story) and I wake up this morning to discover that the Beckhams (famous couple) have named their little girl Harper -- copycats!!!!!! Now everyone will think my puppy is named after THEIR daughter instead of the other way around! But you know the truth... And no -- I am not planning on a puppy anytime soon -- I just have her named :)

Fourth, if you are on Facebook, please "Like" our veterinarian: Sapphire Animal Hospital in Stevensville, Montana -- they are new at this and need support :) Also, Syd is on their wall!

Fifth -- well, I thought there was something else but maybe not :) Oh -- I know -- have a great day even if it is not your birthday!

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