Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hair and Spot and Dot

As if on cue, look what is happening:

Yes indeed -- that is Zoey's beautiful coat, which is now falling out like the dried up needles on an old Christmas tree. The practically a Grand Champion girl will soon be in her birthday suit and not venturing out to any shows any time soon. I find it rather amusing to be in this position -- one stinking point -- sigh...

Spot and Dot are unimpressed and wonder why anyone would want to be pointy when clearly round spots are in fashion this season...

An itch! How cute is that?!

Oh -- very bad manners Spot or Dot -- they are hard to tell apart :)

The twins let me creep very close this morning -- they were extremely curious about me and I half-expected them to walk over and nibble on my shirt...

I am not the only one who thinks mosquitoes are clearly God's mistake!

I am in love!!! Aren't they adorable!?

So cute!

More cute -- and curious!

Do you think she is trying to get better reception?

I hope you are getting excellent reception -- or having an excellent reception :)

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