Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fall Draft Season Begins!

I know it isn't even August yet but it is time to start training for the fall draft tests! Thankfully Syd was born with the full set of carting genes -- and apparently her grandma Maize's set as well -- because she is taking to this draft stuff like a duck to water.

Of course, I do not take that for granted and I am being careful and thoughtful about her training just as I am with every other draft dog I have trained (n=9) -- but having all those carting genes means we can move faster and not spend time getting used to the cart -- Syd was born used to the cart!

Just as an example -- during the harness and hitch I gave her about ten treats. My goal is for her to LOVE every bit of this and so harness over the head -- treat! One foot in -- treat! And so on... Baby steps and reinforced every little bit along the way, even though she is perfectly fine with it all. Look at how comfortable she looks...

She does need her own harness though -- I am thinking her color might be purple???

I hope you are having an excellent week and reinforcing yourself for all the baby steps you take along the way :)

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