Friday, July 22, 2011

Neighborhood News

Heidi Marie says: What is that I hear? Another birthday?

Karma spread the word and soon everyone knew, including Robin who immediately set out to build a party nest!

Chippy volunteered to bring nuts if we had a party but said he would not come if Karma was going to be there (smart squirrel!)

The new twins, Spot and Dot, were especially hoping there would be a party! They said they would probably be too scared to come but they still hoped there would be a party!

But the birthday girl is on her way to Portland today so will be having a traveling party with her sister, Zoey, and her Auntie Mrs. Maize -- and Galen!

Happy Fourth Birthday to Asia, our extra sweet plus-size model

Have a great weekend – I will provide weekend updates/photos as allowed by wireless access.

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