Saturday, July 9, 2011

Update and Changes and Plans!

I have been asked about upcoming plans and thought I would share those, and I also want to tell you about a Blog change coming soon.

I have never been especially good at math and so it is not surprising that it appears I miscalculated Zoey's points from the Missoula shows -- it appears that her two majors were four points each and not three as I thought. This means she actually should have 18 points towards her Grand Championship -- not 16 as I thought.

Showing a girl is a challenge because of her coat, and Zoey is not big enough to show without coat. So I can only show Zoey when her sparkly coat is at its best, which it is now. However, we are nearing the end of this coat cycle and I expect it to start coming out any minute -- especially because I entered her in a couple of shows, hoping against hope that maybe she would keep her coat two more weeks so she has a chance to finish that Grand Championship.

So next Sunday Zoey and I will travel to Couer d'Alene, Idaho to show, and the next weekend we are going to the big Supported Entry at the Portland, Oregon show. If Zoey gets points two of the three days she is entered (one in Idaho and two in Portland), she will finish her Grand Championship. Of course, she needs to keep her coat for there to be any chance of that -- otherwise, she is done with beauty pageant stuff until the fall.

Asia is entered in Best of Breed also at the Portland show -- I figured if Zoey loses coat I will show Asia but if we can show both girls, I have a handler lined up to show Asia; I am also doing obedience one day with Asia (since they have cool prizes :). Zed (Zoey's littermate) will also be entered in Best of Breed that first day of Portland.

And (drum roll please), Mrs. Maize is going to Portland!!!! In four days she will be ELEVEN and eligible to compete in the old, old veterans class -- 11 - 13 year olds :) And so Maize is going to compete in what I expect will be her last show -- just because she can. Galen is making the trip with me and so I think Maize will have fun on the family road trip.

And so that is July -- a mad dash to try and get Zoey's Grand Championship before her coat comes out :)

In August we have a local agility trial on the first weekend -- everyone will be in that one! Well, not everyone but close: Mac, Cadi, Halo, and Zoey. I am sure my back will love that!!!! The countdown at that trial will be for Mac -- he needs one open jumpers leg to be a Versatility Dog Excellent!

The next Sunday after the trial is the Variable Surface Tracking (VST) test on the University of Montana campus -- Asia will be entered and we hope she gets a track.

The last weekend of August is an agility trial in Spokane -- likely I will "only" take Mac, Zoey, and Cadi to that trial.

All you Syd fans are probably wondering if poor Sydney is being neglected -- the answer is NO. Her turn has arrived and she is getting ready to show the draft community how it is done :) Syd will be in her first draft test in Washington on September 10 - 11, and some of our other girls will be entered as well but the goal of that weekend is all about Syd.

We are expecting that other Kaibab dogs will also be in that Washington draft test. We are using my Dear Husband as bait to get Cindy's Dear Husband to agree to make the trek from California with Gracie (D Litter), and we also hope that Jennifer and her Dear Husband will come over and play as well, bringing Cooper Whitby with them to get his draft title. And then there is Zed -- certainly Zed wants to catch up with his arch rival, Mac????!!!

And then we have the Helena, Montana shows on September 22 - 25. It is four days and I expect to show Syd and Cadi; maybe Zaida can come as well if she is not finished by then. Zaida Jamaica has some summer shows planned and she is looking great these days so maybe she will be the first champion from the Glitterati!

And in the middle of all this we will be looking for some obedience opportunities...

Are you tired yet?!

And about the Blog change -- Galen has been hard at work on the new and improved Kaibab website. As you may know, Galen is studying Media Arts at the University of Montana and he has been learning a lot about websites and etc. He has figured out how to have a Blog on a website and so the Kaibab Blog will be merged with the Kaibab website, which makes sense. We are anticipating an August 1 launch of the new site -- I think you will be impressed.

Please share the summer plans (show and/or otherwise) of other Kaibab dogs, either in the Comments or send me an email and I will post for you! And in the meantime, have a wonderful weekend :)

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