Sunday, July 17, 2011

Three Things

1. Congratulations to Peaches Sula from the F Litter and her mom, Terri -- they passed another Nosework hurdle today -- her Anise ORT (Odor Recognition Test) and she did it in 15 seconds (time limit is 3 minutes)! Littermate Maya is also getting involved in Nosework and doing well -- sounds fun!!!

2. More F Litter news -- Zoey was Best of Opposite in Coeur d'Alene today for two more Grand Championship points. She now has 20 points and needs five more; the Portland shows next weekend are big -- five points each day in girls.

3. Picture from today of 11 year old CH Aspen Green Beauty Queen (Maize's littermate) sent by her mom -- it was taken in Estes Park, Colorado.

I sure hope you have had an excellent weekend!

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