Tuesday, September 23, 2008

911 Nikon

The puppies met their fifth new person today: Shelby. She is the tech from our vet clinic who came over to tend puppies while I went to teach this morning. Shelby will be coming back tomorrow morning to tend again, and then Galen will be home and we can resume normal life here at Puppy Central.

I am seriously missing the Nikon (and Kim, who left today). I am trying to do the three week close-ups and the borrowed cameras were not doing the trick, so I opened the new camera I bought before I knew Galen had one I could borrow. Well, it is better but still no where near the quality of the Nikon so the new camera is going back to Costco and the Nikon is going to the shop on Thursday. It is disappointing to not have the quality of pictures I am used to.

So I am still working on the pictures for the collage but thought I had better get something posted today. Puppies are doing so well. They look more and more like small dogs, and less like rodents. I can feel teeth starting to come in so that gentle play I mentioned is soon to be a thing of the past. The puppies walk wherever they want to go – there is no more crawling happening around here! They can hear and they startle easily – I am sure they are on sensory overload these days!

Cindy mentioned that she missed seeing Noah, the usual feline puppy nanny, so I took some pictures of Noah and puppies just so you know he is still on duty. He has slowed down a lot but he still is very tolerant of the puppies. Ledger was trying to nurse – unsuccessfully – on Noah’s ear!

Lolo is the puppy with Noah, and can you believe Rosebud’s bad manners?!! She is already getting an attitude with her older sister, Asia, and we all know it was Dawson who taught her that rude trick! The collage will be coming later – don’t forget that double-clicking on a picture enlarges it for you.

Think good thoughts for the Nikon!

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