Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Morning with Puppies and Friends

It is a lovely morning here at Puppy Central and although the sun is barely coming over the mountains, the puppies have been eating, sleeping and playing for some time. This morning I uttered my first, “ouch”! Dawson took a nice and unexpected bite out of my leg while I was taking pictures.

And speaking of pictures, I am in photographic heaven! The visiting camera from Portland has not yet arrived, but the visiting camera from California showed up with Marti and Megan! Yes, Marti brought her nice Nikon and I am sure you will agree that the pictures today are a big improvement. Marti leaves tomorrow evening, by which time the Portland Nikon should be here so we are set for a bit.

Armand, Cali and Kate spent the day holding puppies yesterday but they are now on their way home to Utah. Marti and Megan arrived last night, and the puppies were the perfect welcoming committee. I thought it would be fun for you to hear from someone else about the puppies, and so I have recruited Marti to write a paragraph:

“What could be better than visiting a friend for the weekend? Visiting a dear friend who has puppies!! And lives in Montana. It just could not get better. Puppies and Montana are good for the soul.

The puppies are more beautiful in person than they are in pictures. Megan is having a fabulous time getting to know all of the puppies and if it was up to her she would like to have all of them! Later today we will take the puppies out to experience the great outdoors for the first time, it is so much fun to watch them try out new things and explore their environment. I am off to get another dose of puppy breath.”

Megan was still asleep when I took pictures this morning so check tomorrow for pictures of Megan with puppies but we have some sweet ones today. Lolo is sleeping on Halo’s leg. Kinsey and Rosebud are the ones playing, and also are the two with one puppy sleeping and one sitting. Madison is the single puppy sitting up, and the two sleeping are Dawson and Madison. I love the quality of these pictures and hope you do as well!

I hope your day is filled with something wonderful -- like good friends!

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  1. I have enjoyed catching up on all the puppy pics from the weekend! What lucky visitors you've had over the weekend. I've been living vicariously through them this morning-seeing them holding the puppies and reading about their visits. Kiss all the puppies for me. Have a great week!

    Brin (aka. "Puppy Hungry in Salt Lake")