Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eye See You!

Hello Friends!

Yesterday afternoon I noticed that Rosebud’s left eye was starting to crack open! I showed Galen and he did exactly what I did, which was to check it out and then greet her, as if she had suddenly just arrived. There is something about open eyes that make it seem as if the puppy is present in a way she has not been before.

I am sorry to report that Sula is going to have to start attending Weight Watchers! In a 24 hour period the puppy went from 46.3 ounces to 53.45 ounces! She is beating her competition quite soundly – Madison is nearly seven ounces behind Sula. While Sula is leading the rest into the 50+ ounce range, Lolo has just about made it to 30 ounces, gaining nearly four ounces in a 24 hour period.

This morning puppies are actually walking occasionally. It is clearly not as easy as crawling so they resort to that quickly but all seem to be trying to take steps. They are fun to hold because they are so curious and interactive with their mouths, and this morning one puppy actually used her foot to bat at me as she nibbled on my hand. At this moment, Rosebud is gumming another puppy who is rudely sleeping through Rosebud’s efforts to play!

I love today’s pictures. I took them right after I had changed the whelping box and the puppies had all just eaten. The one with the most puppies is a disorganized picture of the six girls. We have the twins – Ledger and Rosebud – together in one picture. It is Rosebud with her paw on Ledger. I love trying to capture the puppies in pictures because they are so lovely and they change so quickly. Each puppy has a picture file on my computer that I will copy to a disk for the new owner when the puppy goes to his/her new home.

Today's agenda at Puppy Central -- everyone is getting their tiny little toenails trimmed.

I hope your weekend is going well – thanks for stopping by!


  1. My next life I'm coming back as a BMD puppy!

  2. So glad to see new pictures today! I was admiring pics of a 7 wk old BMD out in the Pacific NW yesterday and kept thinking how these little babies will blossom into such fluffy balls in just a few weeks. Amazing.