Monday, September 15, 2008

Name That Puppy II

Good Morning!

It is time for another edition of “Name That Puppy”! This should be easier since I only included the four who were not in last week’s episode. Look closely at a couple of the pictures and you can see eyes! I had to hold the one puppy because she (or he!) was intent on flinging her or himself off the chair where I take the pictures.

I have also included a picture I took this morning from our deck just because it is so lovely. I feed Halo on the deck as she is eating so much more and takes a while, and when I took her out to feed her that was the view I had, so I quickly got the camera. I miss things about Utah but Montana is really lovely!

One of the things I miss is a ready supply of newspapers! In Salt Lake City I had kids in the neighborhood that collected and delivered newspapers for me when I had puppies. We are in the country here and do not even get a newspaper so I have resorted to pulling the University of Montana school paper out of the recycling bin by my office. So the bottom layer of the whelping box is the Montana Kaiman – does anyone know what a Kaiman is?!

I was worried about whether I could get enough visitors for the puppies given that we are perched in the pines on a mountain. Well, people are chomping at the bit to come and visit so I think we will be okay. My goal is for the puppies to meet 100 new people before they are eight weeks old – I actually have a sheet of paper called, “The Puppy Guestbook” and it has one name on it so far – the vet ☺ We do not allow visitors before three weeks old so it is not surprising that the puppies have only had one guest so far. This weekend my husband is coming up so we will be adding another name to the Guestbook.

Puppies are doing so well. This morning Sula is once again the Heavyweight and all of the others (except Lolo) are between 45 and 49 ounces. Lolo continues to do so well and is now 31.6 ounces. The puppies are very interactive when held, and continue to try to walk. About half of them have at least one eye cracking open. They are all round and shiny, and seem very healthy and content. Halo is doing a wonderful job with them! The puppies did get their nails done yesterday -- just filed down with the Dremel and not painted or anything like that :)

Get those guesses in for “Name That Puppy”, and have a great day, wherever you are!


  1. Ledger, Dawson, Kinsey and then Darby!

  2. My guess is: Ledger, Dawson, Kinsey, Darby.
    Cheers, Terri

  3. Kaimin is a Salish word for "messages"

  4. *Jumps up and down* Pick me Pick me. I want to be on the guest list more than once!! I live closer than most people too!!!!!

  5. Well, I feel like I'm cheating since I missed the first Name That Puppy and now I know who the other four were...but I am thinking Darby, Dawson, Kinsey and then Ledger. The pictures are wonderful!