Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Color of Puppies

Last night I was taking puppies outside to feel the change in air temperature and to smell new smells. After I weighed them, I would just walk to the deck with them so not a big production but fun to watch the puppies’ reactions. Anyway, I was carrying Kinsey and had her close to my face – and she licked me like a big dog. Full licks and not nibbles and over and over – so enchanting!!

All of the puppies are strong little walkers now. They still have a tendency to tip over but they can go quite a few steps before falling. They are easy puppies and especially at this age. I no longer worry about them getting squished and they are not quite mobile yet so this is the stage in raising puppies that is most mellow (knock on wood!).

I did have a scare this morning. I picked up Rosebud to check on the progress of her eyes and to say “hi” and she looked jaundiced! She had a yellow tinge to her so I sat down with her to have a better look, and realized it was a light coating of puppy poop! Yuck!

I looked at the nursing pile and sure enough, someone had decided to poop in the middle of the pile of nursing puppies – rude little puppy! I got the ever-ready unscented baby wipes and started cleaning off puppies. This does not happen often but when it does it is a sticky mess!

I tried to capture some of their accomplishments in photos today. Sula is demonstrating her excellent walking skills. I know it is hard to see as she is rather low to the ground, but she really is walking! Rosebud is taking a bite out of sleeping Lolo in one picture, and Dawson is happily playing alone in another. If you look closely at the one of Dawson, you can see an eye! Then we have Lolo and Rosebud sleeping together – they seem to be a pair – and finally, Kinsey is sleeping on the back of Lolo.

Thanks for visiting us this morning – it is fun to share the puppies with you!


  1. Amazing how quickly they are growing! We love your blog- every day is a new adventure.

  2. Today is my Tobie's birthday, and I went back to look at her puppy pictures. The earliest one I have is at 3 weeks. Amazing to think how much these little pups will grow by next week.