Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Two Weeks!

I woke up in the middle of the night convinced I had heard someone whistle. Given that there is not a neighbor to be seen, this did not seem very likely but logic was not awake yet. And then I remembered – puppies!

The range of their noises is remarkable. They vocalize a lot – in their sleep and when awake. One just gave happy little groans as she curled up tighter to sleep. Earlier, one growled and whined in protest as I removed him/her from his/her ill-gotten gain – Lolo’s preferred seating arrangement at the Dairy Bar. They snuffle in your ear when you hold them, and they chirp and sometimes even give little tiny baby attempts at barks. They growl in their sleep a lot, and it is amusing to imagine what dream is prompting such drama! Madison has been cranky the past two nights and just whines and carries on, and I finally figured out that she was hot. They are quite expressive!

They are all walking now and can manage a good number of steps. They are just big and solid – even Lolo. Sula is still the biggest but Madison is very close behind. Rosebud has both eyes partially opened. I have included a picture of Rosebud so you can see her eyes – it is not a flattering picture of her as she is much cuter but it is a good shot of her eyes. All puppies’ eyes look blue when they first open.

You were all correct with yesterday’s Name That Puppy – good job! Today's pictures are very fun - hope you enjoy them! Thanks to Terri Zimmerman for making the collage of the puppies -- click on it to enlarge.

Have a great day!


  1. I've now got the "F Litter" as my desktop image at work so everyone can see how adorable all the puppies are. There isn't a single one that I don't want to scoop up in my hands and smother with kisses! Thanks, again, for the great pictures.


  2. I think that is Dawson with Halo. His paws almost look brindle - kind of stripey. Will the rust and black "separate" more as he grows?