Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who Put The Quarters in the Puppies?!

You cannot believe how cute it is around here! The puppies now walk up to me when they see me at the edge of the whelping box! They look like tiny little dogs – SO cute! They bark occasionally and growl quite a bit, which is quite adorable at just three weeks of age.

It truly is like someone turned a switch on them overnight. They were already interactive but now it is a whole new level. Maybe it is because their little teeth are coming in?! They like to walk around and explore outside the box and they bite everything – each other, me, Halo, the cat, etc. They clearly hear now and respond to my voice. When I sit down with them I instantly have three or more puppies in my lap. It is fascinating to watch their development.

I am appreciative of Shelby, who came over again today for four hours so I could go in to work for a meeting. I printed her the three-week collage so she could practice telling them apart, and she did a good job! Galen is on his way home now so we will not need Shelby to be the Substitute Puppy Nanny again, but she is going to come back and bring her son to meet the puppies.

I think the puppies are going to double the number of people they have met by the end of this weekend. Now that they are three weeks, they are officially receiving visitors and in addition to Cali, Armand and Kate who are coming from Utah to visit this weekend, I think the puppies will finally get to meet some of the local people who are anxious to see them. We have five weeks to reach 100 new people so please consider visiting!

The camera – sigh. I took it to the camera hospital but I am not hopeful for a quick fix. It is sad not to have the quality of pictures I am used to but I hope you like the ones I took this afternoon with Galen’s camera. I love the one with the four puppies and Noah – he just lets them do whatever and keeps on purring; the one with the puppy sleeping on him is also sweet. The three puppies playing have Sula facing the camera, and the two puppies together are Lolo and Darby. The single puppy is Madison, and is the type of picture that would be so different with the usual camera but it is still cute.

Do you have a favorite puppy?

Thanks for visiting and have a happy day!


  1. I've tried pick out a favorite puppy and I just can't do it. They are all way too cute!

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  3. My favorite is:


    Oh, who could choose between them?

  4. They are just getting more gorgeous every day! And I have to say, I think your cat is amazing. I guess he's got some experience with this . . . ;)

  5. My fave is Dawson. I fell in love with him from that first week collage picture. That sassy little tongue sticking out. But, I do think I have a soft spot for goofy Berner boys.

  6. A favorite puppy!?!? I just don't know. My own runty family kind of endears me to Lolo, but Rosebud is so pretty, and Madison looked downright majestic in her last portrait. But then, I just love the names Kinsey and Darby. Dawson's little tongue is sooo cute and Ledger and Sula just look so gentle. They are all wonderful, picking a favorite would be like trying to choose a favorite just can't do it. They all have something so unique and special about them. Thanks for sharing them with us through your blog, Mary Ann. It really brightens my day!!!

  7. A favorite...can we pick more than one?? I think Brin said it beautifully, "...they all have something unique & special about them." If only I could smell the puppy breathe, I'd be living a dream!
    Okay, in the beginning, I was drawn to Sulu & the boys. Now, Madison has taken the stage. I love apple-dumpling heads!
    Thank you for sharing!