Friday, September 12, 2008

Name That Puppy!

It is time to see if you have been paying attention! There are four pictures taken this morning of puppies -- can you name that puppy? There is also a picture of all eight hanging out on a towel while I cleaned and changed their whelping box -- aren't they getting big?

Last night I got up once and purposefully directed nursing but otherwise left Halo in charge of things, and we have had a very good night. In fact, the past 24 hours have been very good.

First of all, we have a new face at the top of the Heavyweight Division: Sula! Here are the current standings among the Heavyweights:
Sula: 44.25 oz
Rosebud: 43.6 oz
Madison: 42.75 oz

In the Middleweight Division, we have the following:
Ledger: 38.7 oz
Darby: 37.5 oz
Dawson: 37.45 oz
Kinsey: 36.7 oz

And in the Featherweight Division (aka "Good Things Come in Small Packages" Division), we have just Lolo who is literally in a category of her very own:
Lolo: 24.2 oz

All of the puppies except Darby have doubled their birth weight, and Darby is just one-third of an ounce from doing that so she should achieve that tonight.

In other exciting news, the puppies are starting to stand! Okay, it is not great and they tip over pretty quickly but we all have to start somewhere! They are at least getting off their rather round bellies and trying out their land legs.

We are getting more and more interaction, and I am sorry to say that Madison and Rosebud are biters – well, they have no teeth so I guess they are gummers. They are licking and chomping – using their mouths to explore fingers, face, or whatever.

The puppies also sniff to figure things out. Last night three of them found the cat who had stopped in to supervise. It was fascinating to watch them sniff and try to figure out what he was. This is different than if they smell Halo, which sends them into a frenzy. Instead they almost seemed thoughtful as they gently sniffed and moved and sniffed more.
They are really growing and I can see a difference every day. It won't be long until their eyes start to crack open, although that process is one that takes a few days. I used to think it was more like an event where the puppy just suddenly opened her/his eyes, but it isn't -- you first see just a tiny speck of eye and then gradually more and more over time.
I look forward to your guesses in the Name that Puppy game! Thanks for visiting and have a great day :)


  1. Ok here goes my guess...
    I spelled them backwards so others trying to guess wouldn't have their chance to guess quickly influenced by reading my comment. olol|alus|nosidam|regdel There is a slash between each. You'll have to get out your special mirror puppy name decoder ring!

  2. Hmmm - hard to focus with so many tiny spots - but here's my best shot at it.

    1. Lolo
    2. Sula
    3. Maedison
    4. Ledger

    Lordy, they're sweet!!

  3. We must all be correct, since the consensus seems to be: from the top-Lolo, Sula, Madison, and Ledger. They've already changed so much in the last week. Thanks for the pictures!

  4. Although I agree with the picks above I am going to stir the pot and say that #3 is not Madison but Kinsey going by the original "meet the F liter" email as my cheat sheet!!

  5. It definately isn't Dawson, he has a Swiss kiss from what I can tell. And the cutest little tongue!