Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Monday

Our Blog today will be mainly pictures. Yesterday afternoon we took the puppies outside on grass and they did so well. Halo came out and nursed them, they played, and Megan even got the puppies over an agility jump! The pictures with this post are from our relaxing time outside, and I will have pictures from today posted later this afternoon.

In one picture we have the photo-phobic Puppy Nanny, Galen, with his boys -- Ledger and Dawson. This picture captures the sweetness with which Galen tends these puppies. He will not be happy to be "outed" but there it is -- a 20 year old young man kissing a puppy! Galen's days of Puppy Nanny are numbered -- he just got word that he has been admitted to the University of Montana starting in January. Marti and I do not understand why he wants to go to college when he clearly has a career as a Puppy Nanny but what do we know?!

Marti is in another picture surrounded by girls! Megan is loving Darby in the one picture but we all think Rosebud is going to be her choice -- we'll see. Rosebud is the puppy being held up -- isn't that a sweet picture? And it is Dawson with a blade of grass. We think Kinsey and Sula look more and more alike so we took a picture with the two of them being held by Marti. The single puppy on the jump is Darby, and the two puppies with the jump are the boys, Ledger and Dawson.

Marti and Megan leave tonight so we have a fun day planned. We are going on a hike and then will take pictures of the puppies for the four week collage -- its a day early but I have helpers so we have to take advantage of that!

Megan checks the Blog regularly to see if anyone is reading so take a second and post a comment to Megan!

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. We had a wonderful visit. Halo's babies are beautiful. Megan can't go wrong with her pick, but Rosebud is very pretty with all that white on her face and her friendly personality. Joan, Kate loves the boys. Dawson is extra soft to cuddle with and Ledger kept finding his way to Kate's lap so he wins big points with me. Sweet little Lolo has won my heart.

  2. M-A,

    I am not seeing any of the pictures with the Monday Monday post of the puppies outside, Galen etc.??


  3. Megan, you look like you have been in puppy heaven!!! It's wonderful to see the puppies interacting with each other and with all their visitors. They certainly are being well-socialized. I agree with Cali, Rosebud is very pretty, as is Darby, but Megan won't be disappointed with any one she chooses. Decisions, decisions... My advice--follow your heart! (By the way, I hope when my sons are 20 they'll still like puppies, too. The picture of Galen is great!!) Thanks for the posts, Mary Ann.

  4. Megan - give Dawson a hug for me from Chicago! Doesn't he look like a country bumpkin with that blade of grass in his mouth? At least his tongue wasn't sticking out this time! You are so lucky to get to meet your puppy so soon, but I am sure it will be hard to wait four more weeks to bring her home.

  5. What beautiful puppies! It has been so much fun to watch them grow.

    Hi Megan, I live in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada and I am following the adventures of the new Kaibab puppies. It is great that you are getting them ready for agility so soon ;). I have 2 Berners that I do agility. obedience and carting with and I love to see others who are active with their Bernese. It is especially nice to see someone your age take such an active interest in her dogs and be so responsible for them. I can't wait to see which of the adorable puppies you get to take home in a few weeks.

  6. Hi Megan!

    I read the blog everyday and many times more than once just to look at those cute puppy faces. I've read of you and your sisters accomplishments with your dogs, that is fabulous at your age to be so dedicated to working with them. I am very envious that you got to visit them in person! I am trying to figure out how I can do that too!

    Terri in Portland

  7. Greetings from Nova Scotia, Canada. It is great fun to read about the puppies every day and the photos are super. Megan, I'd love to hear what you think about each puppy..if you had to use one word to describe each one, what would it be? Enjoy every moment of puppy breath!

  8. We would love to come and see the puppies if you're still looking for new visitors!